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Evolution of Technology Modularity – The Process Precipice

By on Feb 13th, 2010
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As a huge paradigm shift of programming went from linear logic to object orientation, and then to SOA. Now we are on the precipice of another evolution — or rather, revolution — based on business processes.

Insight can be gained from studying and understanding the reasoning for these changes to the way solutions are architected and built. Moving from linear to object oriented programming benefited developers and organizations by introducing a more concrete way to reuse technology assets. This was a huge step in the right direction, but the gains were a little too low-level, too “techie”. We also want a way to reuse across platforms, geographies, and even outside an organization. This is the promise SOA has delivered on. It has taken a while, but innovative organizations have already seeing a huge ROI with SOA.

We need a way to bring this benefit up a few levels for smart business architects to leverage. This next step, is the kicker. Moving to an environment focused on business processes allows the business to finally impact more directly the benefits that technology can bring to the organization. Integrating with very visible, concrete processes is something every person in the organization can grasp and understand. Seeing how processes can be orchestrated in a SOA does not require a college degree. With procper’s process visualization, it takes as much training as using Google Maps for an end user.

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